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Our Mission is to help state education agencies establish practical and rigorous data collection systems that will measure and profile the post-school experiences of youth with disabilities (i.e., Indicator 14). The results of collecting Indicator 14 data will be used for national, state, and local reporting and, most importantly, to guide and improve transition services to this population.

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On December 11, 2014, OSEP released a Dear Colleague Letter on the educational needs of students with disabilities who are in correctional facilities  and the requirements of Part B of the IDEA as they apply to States, State educational agencies (SEAs), and public agencies (including local educational agencies (LEAs), and responsible noneducational public agencies) in educating these students. Click here to access the letter.


Part B State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report 2014 Indicator Analysis FFY 2012-13 This report presents a national picture of the implementation of Part B of IDEA. Each indicator was analyzed by a national technical assistance center. The chapter containing analysis for Indicator 14 begins on page 80.

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NEW  NPSO Writing Suggestions
The purpose of this document is to provide states with writing suggestions and examples for completing the Part B Indicator 14 in the Annual Performance Report (APR) for FFY 2013 due February 1, 2015.


Recently Revised The Part B Tree of Influence

Developed in collaboration with the Western Regional Resource Center, this product is intended to assist states with mapping how they would use the SPP Indicators for state improvement. This Tree of Influence serves as one model to show possible logical relationships among the indicators and (a) the resources that states invest, (b) the activities that take place, and (c) the benefits or changes that result. (Revised May 2014)

 photo of jesse hair stylist"Graduating from high school and pursuing a productive adulthood is one of the more significant transitions that adolescents face with long-term outcomes. Indicator 14 provides one opportunity for States and Districts to determine if youth with disabilities are positively engaged (i.e., enrolled in postsecondary education/ training or employed) once they leave high school.”   


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What is Indicator 14?

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The National Post-School Outcomes Center is a 5-year project funded by OSEP in January 2010. It is a collaborative effort of Technical Assistance and Consulting Services and the Secondary Special Education and Transition Unit at the University of Oregon. Grant Award Number: #H326U090001